Thursday, November 05, 2015

They Mean It

Legendary Factory Records boss Tony Wilson once asked Annik Honoré, who may or may not have been Ian Curtis's bit on the side, what she thought about the new Joy Division album. She told him it was 'terrifying'.


'Don't you understand?' she said, 'he means it'. That's pretty much how I feel about the Corbyisation of the Labour Party - and not just for the suicidal overtones. People talk about the excesses of the left. They're wrong, they're not excesses, it's who they are. It's the whole 'acting like a civilised human being' that the average leftist struggles with. All that's happened now is that Spitty McSpitty has decided to stop pretending.

There's an opportunity there for the right, or there would be if not for our dog in the manger Tory Party. The biggest problem in the country right now is the way liberal activists have been able to weaponise the public sector, while still claiming to be regular Joe, salt of the earth, hard working public sector employees who, gosh darn it, just want to get the job done but they're frustrated by that nasty old witch, Tori Cutz. The truth is that that they're not nice people. They're a bunch of complete wackjobs and a less useless government would call them out on it.


JuliaM said...

"The biggest problem in the country right now is the way liberal activists have been able to weaponise the public sector...."

Agreed. And it's compounded by the apathy of the general public.

Trevor said...

Even if there existed the political will to tackle the public sector, I don't see any potential ministers on the horizon with the vision, guts and tenacity to effect the change needed.

In the public imagination, Thatcher was some sort of omnipresent dominatrix who micromanaged every aspect of our lives in the 80s. She was nothing of the sort. Her government concentrated on a very few things, and while she had great success with the economy and defeating trades unions and the miners (and these are things not to be sniffed at), nonetheless under her watch the progressives were able to inflict an awful lot of damage: among the worst, the introduction of GCSEs and the abomination that was the Children Act. I despair that any meaningful reform can be achieved.