Saturday, May 25, 2019

Empty Dress Quits Job

Don't be shocked, but the same cucks who landed us with an empty dress in No 10 are now busy trying to rewrite history to cast Terrible Theresa as some kind of tragic figure. Doesn't martyrdom require that you actually sacrifice yourself for something?

The defining feature of May's premiership has been the sheer vacuousness of it all, even to the very end. Consider this: in a speech of 948 words, the Useless One didn't mention any of the following:

Border Security

Law & Order


Legal Reform



In fact, what's worse is that she apparently couldn't even bring herself to say the word 'Britain' - all we got was a weaselly reference to the 'the country I love' (whatever that means).

Speaking personally, I can't help thinking that if you truly believe the British people are a bunch of bigots who need to be constantly harried by racial witchhunters, you don't actually love this country in any meaningful way.

For all the talk of muh ekwality the underlying assumption of Mayism was that us drones are too stupid to survive without an enlightened ruling class (hence: remainer). But where's this genius parked anyway?

Consider these lines:

For many years the great humanitarian Sir Nicholas Winton – who saved the lives of hundreds of children by arranging their evacuation from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia through the Kindertransport – was my constituent in Maidenhead.

At another time of political controversy, a few years before his death, he took me to one side at a local event and gave me a piece of advice.

He said, ‘Never forget that compromise is not a dirty word. Life depends on compromise.’

He was right.


This is what happens when everyone in politics treats everything before 1997 as ancient history.

Meanwhile, the rest of us drooling masses can recall that when it comes to the Nazis and Czechoslovakia there was, in fact, quite a famous compromise made. 

Even Chamberlain got the right answer eventually. Meanwhile, Theresa May still doesn't get it. To borrow Len Deighton's line about Chamberlain at Munich, she was determined to treat the EU as though it was a respectable organisation with good intentions, as she simply had no idea how to deal with it if it not.

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