Monday, May 13, 2019

This WIll Not Work Out The Way They Think It Will

For proof of how deluded the snoot class is, consider that they really think the Andrew Marr interview with Nigel Farage was a win for them. 

That's problem number one right there. Captain Softball sights someone outside the bubble and suddenly he tries to go all Andrew Neil. It's gotcha! questions for the outsider and 'how do you feel' for the actual PM. Crap like this is why people voted Brexit in the first place. Folks might not have ever been on TV themselves, but millions face this kind of thing on a smaller scale every day.

The bigger issue is that this sort of thing rarely works anyway. We've been this way before in the 1990s. The British right went half mad trying to work out how a slippery conman like Tony Blair could get away with it. Couldn't people see that he and his entourage were the biggest collection of dysfunctional freaks outside of Arkham Asylum?

Actually, people could see it just fine, they just didn't care. Blair was at least prepared to pretend to address public concerns about things like the NHS and schools, while a Tory government full of smug, entitled prats acted like they thought these issues were kind of a drag, and all they really needed to do was come up with a few soundbites to bamboozle the ignorant masses, then they could get back to screwing over the country....

Say, why does that sound familiar?

Blair didn't hide his true nature from voters, they just didn't care. Blair convinced people he cared about the things they did while the Tories all but wore surgical masks and gloves every time they came within a country mile of actual voters. So it is now. The MSM can keep digging for 'The Truth About Farage' but people already know who he is and they also know he's their best bet of getting what they voted for. The snoots can dig up a tape of Farage snorting coke off a hooker's backside in Tijuana but the public only care that on the central issue of the day, he's right and the snoots are wrong.

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JuliaM said...

For people who vow to 'learn lessons' every time they are caught doing something idiotic, they seem not to have learned the lesson of Donald Trump...