Friday, May 10, 2019

The Ouroboros Must Be Fed

So, farewell then, Danny Baker, latest victim of the Offendotrons. 

Lest we forget though, this guy would gladly have piled on if it'd been anybody else. Behind the bogus cor blimey guv'nor facade, he's just another media liberal who found out too late that you can never be woke enough.

Curiously enough, I can't seem to find any articles about how this case raises wider issues about the dark side of remain voters and/or Corbynistas.

Meanwhile, it's D+8 and still no one's been fired over this (these guys are all about the equality)!

Hey, did you ever think the day would come when liberals would be outraged by people mocking the Royals? This is all further proof of my theory that the new left is just the old right. Angry of Tunbridge Wells has been replaced by Woke of Walthamstowe. If only Kenny Everett was alive today, just think what he could do with these guys?

1 comment:

JuliaM said...

"If only Kenny Everett was alive today..."

...he'd be in clink faster than you can say 'hate crime'!