Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Another £1,000 Note Left On The Ground

Like I keep saying, the weirdest myth in British politics is that Tory 'modernisers' are just staunch conservatives  forced by political reality to moderate their views.

Just no: any honest analysis of the squish wing of the Tory Party makes it obvious that not only are they not savvy political geniuses, but that they actually take leftist positions even where it means losing votes.

Consider Exhibit A.

Just to ram the point home: the police didn't 'fail to put the pieces together' or 'miss warning signs', they were fully aware that an active predator was grooming children and choose to act against the woman warning families to protect their kids. In effect, the police did all but keep lookout for a sexual predator.

Who the hell voted for this?  Answer: no one. Hence, why the snoot class had to pass the Human Rights Act and rely on the loose wording and their fellow snoots on the bench to do the rest.

Call it a hunch, but I'm thinking repealing the Pedophile Safety At Work Act might be a vote winner. Oh.... and also the right thing to do, if anyone cares about that anymore. So how come the Certified Super Geniuses at Tory HQ can't see this?

Actually, the real question is how come this is the one hill they will die on?

Ah well, this is indeed the Rosetta Stone of Tory moderniser rhetoric.  They're all about the electability, except for when that might conflict with their dinner party invitations.

That's their North Star around which all else revolves.

Our worthless elite, lacking any actual qualifications for elite status except for the arrogance and entitlement, define themselves entirely by opposition to the common morality.  Hence, they claim that the public's abhorrence for pedophiles is clearly proof of their crudity and lack of sophistication - and so they defend the kind of junk science that announces that 'Tom' is Certified Safe, even while he's stalking his next victims.

No, don't bother asking any of these staunch supporters of the rehab industry where they feel the balance lies between psychoanalytic strategies to rehabilitation and CBT-based approaches. They don't need to know anything about what they claim to support, they just know that the supporting phoney-baloney pseudo-science makes you a cut above the common rabble.

And that's how we ended up with an allegedly conservative party supporting the right of public servants to not only release a dangerous predator onto the streets, but to set him up in a free house next to a whole bunch of kids, stand by while he grooms his next victims and then use the law to stop anyone talking about it.

This kind of thing is why ordinary people now think this country doesn't work for them anymore. Hence, the rise of The Brexit Party. Meanwhile, the Tory modernisers are deep in the bunker, explaining how it's all down to dark money from the Russians.

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Penseivat said...

While not being allowed to pass on what she knew, there is nothing to stop her suggesting others contact the Police to make enquiries. Suddenly receiving 30 or 40 separate requests should concentrate the Police minds somewhat.
Also, initiating a court case, which would be held in the public gaze, would surely identify the person in question?