Thursday, September 26, 2019

You May Not Be Interested In Culture War...

As bad as the Supreme Court's Screw Brexit decision is - pretty bad considering it appears to be based on the well known legal doctrine of 'because we say so' - it's almost as bad listening to Professional Conservatives claiming to be shocked, shocked, to find that the courts are a lawless, politicised mess. Yes, indeed, who could have seen that coming?

Just a thought, but if you keep demonstrating a proven inability to predict outbreaks of heavy drinking on December 31st, you might want to rethink your claim to be super smart. As it is, real conservatives have spent years calling the shot and the pocket, while the genius set have called them crazed conspiracy nuts. Now Brenda Hale has done the legal equivalent of gobbling down a live mouse on TV while addressing the public as 'you warm bloods' then ripping the flesh off her face to reveal the scales underneath, I think we may have to look again at what definition of genius we're using here.

Not all Professional Conservatives couldn't see it coming. Some of them are just pain gutless. Others genuinely believe dealing with our lawless courts is too much of a hot potato and so they may as well go along to get along....

And that's how the Tories have romped to three landslide victories in a row!

Meanwhile back in the real  world, the Tory Party's refusal to take on these nut cases doesn't make them look moderate, it makes them look weak and out of touch. Say what you like about Labour, but they have an actual agenda - creating Hell on Earth - and the Tories? What do they really stand for?

Oh yeah: muh tax cuts.  

Here's the thing though: the whole reason why the left needs to use politicised judges like Brenda Hale to push their nutty agenda is precisely because they know it's electoral poison. If they thought the public would support it, they'd push it themselves. Instead we have the insanity of the courts ruling that Parliament must stay open even while they make politics entirely irrelevant.

Hey, who needs that 'citizenship class' stuff on how a bill works its way through Parliament, when Brenda Hale and the rest of the freaks can simply pull new laws out of their penumbra.

Still, now that Queen Brenda is our Decider In Chief, at least we can get a definitive answer to those questions that have been hangin round for years:

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Pineapple on pizza or not?

Who would win in a fight between Iron Man and Batman?

True, there aren't any actual laws covering these issues, but who needs laws anyway these days?

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