Thursday, September 19, 2019

How DoYou Do, Fellow Normal People?

Good post from Ace of Spades about the American left's latest Kavanaugh fiasco, and a great line at the end:
I think we all assume that the practice of quote-fishing -- "Could you say x for me? It would rilly rilly help" -- is pretty much 90% of "journalism" today. They don't find witnesses; they cast them, and have them repeat pre-written lines that will forward the plot
Of course, round here the MSM goes one better and tries to pass off creepy wierdo fanatics as regular Joe Publics what just happened to be passing at the exact same time as a liberal hate figure was in the area.

Annoying as this is, it's also revealing about where the modern left is at: they claim to be the voice of the people, except there are no normal people left in their loony cult. It turns out that calling half the country morons while campaigning for official recognition of all seventy-two genders is not a winning strategy after all. Hence why every 'ordinary member of the public' pushed by the MSM turns out to be a liberal snoot in socioeconomic blackface.

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