Thursday, September 12, 2019

Getting Ahead Of The Myth Making

Bad news everyone! Roland Rudd's sister has joined Boris Johnson's brother and Winston Churchill's grandson in exiting the Tory Party.

If the Tories keep going on like this, they're going to lose their sponsorship deal with

Also: Diversity Is Our Strength, you guys!

Ambitious young white kids who want to join the police are getting the door slammed in their face, but apparently the Tory Party can never have enough snoots - even ones that are related to one of the country's craziest remoaners.

That's not even the worst of it! Not only are we expected to be shocked - shocked - to find that remoaner Amber Rudd is outrageously outraged by BoJo's outrageous behavior, we're also being told this proves the Tory Party is risking electoral disaster by losing proven vote winners like Amber Rudd.

Hey, if Amber Rudd is such a perfect example of the Nu Tory Wizards of Smart, how come she never cast her spell over her own constituency.

Yes, indeed: 346 vote majority! That's what it takes for the MSM to hail you as an expert on electability.

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