Wednesday, September 04, 2019

It's The End Of Their World

Hey, look everyone! It's another one of those super smart Remoaners making a not at all insane point.

As Dominic Frisby would say, who the Huq's she anyway?

Apparently, she was once a presenter on Children's TV and therefore way more qualified than the likes of us to talk about politics.

Like I keep saying: Wile E Coyote rule. She wanted to prove we were morons but she dropped the anvil on her own head. More to the point, she's exposed what it's really about. They're not worried about tariffs or trade agreements, they recognize that all this is the beginning of the end for a demented system where nothingburgers like Konnie Huq can be hailed as certified members of the genius class, even as they babble absolute rubbish. 


Sam Duncan said...

No doubt about it. And not just the slebs; it's exposed all the dimwit politicians coasting along robotically implementing Directives instead of doing what they were elected to do and scrutinizing legislation (which, quite clearly, after they all trooped into the lobby to vote for that idiotic Bill, they're intellectually incapable of anyway).

They're bloody terrified. Yeah, leaving the EU without a “deal” would be a catastrophe... for them. Being an MP would cease to be a cozy sinecure for the chronically unemployable. (And that goes double - if not treble - for the devolved assemblies. They've never had to take any real responsibility. Blame Westminster. Blame Brussels. It's never their fault.)

Anonymous said...

liberals are sharing a petition on Facebook to ban a spoof game where caricatures of Trump, Hitler, Brenton Tarrant and others and shoot democrats, LGBTQ, Muslims, Antifa etc, the worst part is it has over 60,000 signatures