Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Assumption of Superiority

It's five days since the London Bridge attack - which is to say the second London Bridge attack - and the latest scores are in. So far, we've had 257 softball MSM interviews with David Merrit versus... let's see.. none whatsoever with literally any other relative of anyone killed in jihadist attacks.

I wonder what it is about the Corbynista Tory hater that attracts our unbiased broadcasters?

At least the Tories haven't cucked though (for once). Like I keep saying, the whole debate about the rehab industry is the perfect example of how the left pushes its agenda. Take the left's own attack line: if you think there's something gone badly wrong with our justice system, you're politicising the issue, you evil scumbag!

And if you think the system's just fine the way it is? Nope, that's not politicising things at all, that's just something all the smart people agree on.

Consider the sheer smug entitlement of that position. They don't want to win the debate, they want to ban it and then call everyone else names.

And that leads to the wider issue. A week ago all the smart people were telling us that Usman Khan was totes reformed, you guys. Anyone who wondered if it was really that simple was labelled a moron and a bigot. And then, as if by magic, the jihadist did some jihading, and now the left are insisting we can't talk about it.

Just last week believing that Usman Khan was now a pillar of the community was proof of the Very Special Genius of these guys. Now it turns out their theories were total garbage, but they still think they can run your life better than you can.

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JuliaM said...

And now the myth of the 'cool calm and collected' police marksman is unravelling too: