Thursday, December 05, 2019

My Invite Must Have Got Lost In The Post

You can tell how devastating the London Bridge attack has been for the left by their desperate attempts to stop anyone talking about it.

Just a thought, but if we're going with the whole Absolute Moral Authority thing, shouldn't we at least hear from the girl's parents as well? Plus there's the families of those killed in the first London Bridge attack, then the Waterloo Bridge attack and the....

Nope, apparently there's victims and and then there's victims. 

I'm not unsympathetic to their loss, but here's the thing: Jack chose to put himself in harm's way. The people living next to 'Thomas' never got that choice. In fact, the state worked overtime to stop them even getting fair warning of who was next door.

Tom's been rehabilitated, don't you know?

The issue here is the same as it ever was. Supporting the rehab industry is the ultimate class signifier for the left. As Britain's most brilliant blogger put it on the occasion of a previous rehab industry disaster:
The fact that every time normal people get to peek behind the curtain of the rehab industry we see something that looks like Scientology, but without Tom Cruise or the high moral standards, isn't a problem for the left, it's the whole attraction. It just proves that only the truly sophisticated can understand the genius inherent in a toxic mess of Marxism, new age psychobabble and outright fraud.
To borrow a line from Douglas Adams, for modern leftists supporting the rehab industry is an opinion held by all right-thinking people, who are largely recognizable as being right-thinking because they support the rehab industry. People who think Jean Piaget was a painter nevertheless are quite certain that the rehab industry is based on solid science. No, they can't actually explain how rehabilitation is meant to work or what techniques are used, but they're sure that anyone who says things like 'you can't rewire evil' is clearly some kind of dummy dumb-dumb low-life who probably voted leave.
The rehab industry didn't get where it is today despite being based on pseudo-scientific garbage, it got there precisely because it is based on garbage. The whole phony baloney clown show succeeded because it convinced liberals that supporting it was a sign that you were a cut above the common rabble - you know, like Tommy's neighbors.

Hence, we have today's designated baby seal denouncing critics of the rehab industry as 'vile' - jihadists are lovable scamps who've gone a little off the rails, but the common rabble questioning their betters?

That shall not stand! 

Consider this: a bunch of snoots met up with a bunch of convicted jihadists in a fancy place in central London. Well, of course they did. They were never, ever, going to be meeting with Leave voters, were they?

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