Monday, December 16, 2019


Lest we forget, last week Boris Johnson not only won a bigger majority than alleged electoral super genius David Cameron managed in two attempts, he managed to get a bigger majority than both attempts combined. In fact, you can add in the majorities for savvy, safe pair of hands, Theresa May and world famous statesman John Major, and still come in with a lower total. It was a big win for the Tories but an absolute thrashing for the cucks.

Consider just some of the ways the Tories ignored the conventional wisdom::
  • Refused to pander to the eurosnot wing of the party even in the face of them floucing off and whining about extreme extremism
  • Refused to ditch the - supposedly - toxic Dominic Cummings
  • Quietly sidelined Jacob Rees-Mogg without any kind of public flogging
  • Based policy on what the public wants, not what goes down well with supposed influencers and other snoots
  • Refused to get distracted by stupid stunts and professional victims
  • Prepared to face down the snoots by aiming at sacred cows, like the justice system, if need be
  • Refused to apologise to the offense archaeologists digging up years old quotes
  • Refused to pander to the MSM demanding BoJo present himself as an Aunt Sally
Take the London Bridge attack again. A rehabilitated terrorist went on the rampage and the PM said what pretty much everyone else was thinking. The left tried to shut the debate down by wheeling out a professional victim and instead of cucking, the Tories stayed on message. The smart set was outragously outraged, but the public loved it.

In other words, the Tories ignored just about everything the supposed experts have ever said about electability, and then they got elected. There's a message in there.

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