Monday, June 24, 2019

The Lives Of Others - Soy Boy Edition

Not entirely refuting my theory that the New Left has become the Old Right, liberals are hailing the heroism of a pair of sanctimonious net curtain twitching weirdos eavesdropping on their neighbors. It's like a 1970s sitcom - if it was made in East Germany.

Apparently, phone hacking is out, but hanging off the drainpipe so you can tape the neighbors' private conversations? Completely normal, you guys.

I may be being too optimistic but I think NS has put her finger on it right here. If it's a straight up choice between BoJo and Snooty McSnitchypants, I think most people are going to go for the 'non-sour faced hypocrite' option. And that's not the best of it....

Like I keep saying, the Remoaners' spirit animal is clearly Wile E Coyote. Every single time they come up with one of their cunning plans, they end up dropping the anvil on themselves. In this case, they've reminded everyone that the EU gives huge, great wodges of taxpayers' money to rich girls of no obvious talent to make produce crappy propaganda pieces. Who voted for that?

Nope, just kidding! It's the EU, of course we don't get to vote on it. It's just a permanent feature of modern life that the snoot class uses the government as a full employment service for itself. We get the taxes, they get a grant to produce a musical celebrating thirty years of the European Pencil Office.

That's the wider point here. The more that the MSM tries to convince us that all the cool kids are Remoaners, the more they're ramming home that the EU has been great if you're Gary Lineker, Lily Allen or some fat girl who writes terrible agitprop, but the rest of us are getting screwed.

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