Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Starvation As A Eurocentric Concept

We may as well start the clock on just when Comment Is Futile will post an article claiming that this case shows that all of us who criticise social workers for persecuting the innocent are totally wrong.

Well, no. There's the obvious point that if these freaks didn't spend all their time tormenting respectable families with bogus abuse claims then they'd have the time to deal with real abuse, but there's more to it than that.

Don't be shocked, but it turns out that the victim in this case is a young black girl. Sort of like Victoria ClimbiƩ, Toni-Ann Byfield and Trycia Balhous, but with an Islamic angle as well this time.

What we have here is a perfect barometer of what really drives the activists in the (badly misnamed) 'child protection' industry. No one just snaps and starves their child to death. It's a long and hideous process, albeit apparently not long enough for social services to react in time. Nope, they were probably too busy probing the backsides of young children whose married, native, parents had taken them into hospital with a fever.

Above all else, social workers are driven by a hatred of traditional British values. That's why they'll go to almost any lengths - and employ any kind of junk science - to try and 'prove' traditional British families are guilty of abuse. On the other hand, any family that is sufficiently 'not British' gets a pass, no matter how dangerous, dysfunctional and outright sadistic. As this case proves, there is nothing these families can do that will provoke social workers to 'impose western values' on them.

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