Monday, May 26, 2008

Khyra Ishaq: Real Victims Found

Apparently, social workers keep screwing up and killing the innocent because there's too much accountability in social work. Clearly, if only we allow them to screw up without consequences, they'll stop screwing up.

How come this never works in other contexts ? How about we can't clamp down on tax evasion, lest the pressure drive people to evade their taxes ? But no: it's only where the unhinged left are involved that the solution involves doing the exact opposite to what any sane person would do.

This is what's really annoying about their endless mantra. Lessons are never learned, because it's always everyone else's fault. Even when a young girl has died in the most hideous of circumstances, it just proves people are too tough on social workers. Whatever the situation, their response is the same: squealing hysterical self-justification and claims of victimhood - and we trust these people to find dysfunctional families ?

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