Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Left Is Eating Itself (Part II)

Crivens! There's trouble in Liberaland. The smug, sneery, elitists have got into it with the femiloons.

The argument's all about what the femiloons call 'medical rape' which - shockingly enough - turns out to be absolutely nothing like actual rape. In fact, you can't read too much of the femiloon's charge sheet without being reminded of Viz's Milli Tant and her claim that firework displays involve big explosive penises that skewer and rape the virgin female sky. What it boils down to is that doctors involved in child birth can be kind of heavy handed, ruining the whole experience for women.

Actually, what's noticeable about the whole thing is that not one of the femiloons ever mentions the third party in all this. Sure, there are women and there are doctors, but isn't there someone else with a dog in the whole 'birth' fight ? Little, bald folks, not very talkative ? No ? Forget all this talk of '24 weeks' and girls raped by their fathers - even when femiloons have already gone into labour, it's still all about them.

Still, howlingly insane though these people may be, they do actually have a point - albeit not that man-hating one they're trying to cobble together. Take the discussion in that comments thread about whether or not it's acceptable for doctors to allow students to examine the genitals of unconscious patients without their consent. Crippen does get the right answer eventually, but a profession where the rights and wrongs of sexual assault is a live issue is surely overdue for some accountability.

The trouble for the femiloons is that all the things that make doctors so obnoxious are things that in other context, these people accept as central tenets of modern leftism. There's the grovelling to alleged professionals, the idea that the victimisation of individuals can be excused by the needs of the collective, the belief that the citizen is the fortunate recipient of government largesse - no matter how much tax she might have paid and so on. Short summary: doctors are trash, but are they really worse than, say, social workers ?

Reading through the comments, it's hard not to conclude that both sides deserve each other. Both perfectly exemplify just why liberalism is such a toxic ideology. There's the femiloons with their wallowing in victimhood, even to the point of claiming that anything can be rape, if only a woman thinks it is like an actual rape, and there's the doctors, radiating absolute contempt for the people who pay their wages. They deserve each other.

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