Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Terrorists, And The Liberals Who Love Them

People said my plan to lace cocaine with sodium penthol was stupid, but look what happened when we dropped a crate of the special snow at Channel 4 HQ:
We think it is an awful situation in Guantanamo but we had exactly the same situation here [i.e. the imprisonment of IRA scumbag Bobby Sands - DJ]. Let's remember we were doing this before Guantanamo.
Exactly the same ? The one thing you can't say about Bobby Slimfast was that he was held in legal limbo. He had his day in court - and this being the UK, doubtless 64 appeals and 14 retrials as well, all in civilian courts, with the full protections of the criminal code.

Apparently, it isn't the specifics of Club Gitmo that so offend the left after all. Civilian trials or no civilian trials, they're outraged that people can lose their liberty just for being murderous scumbags. All of which is by way of saying that there's no point trying to pander to the left's choir insensible. All that yammering about human rights is purely tactical. They're not defending principles, they're defending killers.

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