Thursday, May 08, 2008

Another Case For The Style Police

Also creating a degree of scepticism about the left's desire to get tough on criminals is this case:
A convicted criminal has had his curfew lifted because the electronic tag he was forced to wear did not look good with his shorts.
It doesn't get better:
Aaron Morgan, 22, from Chudleigh, Devon, had been tagged for six months after admitting supplying heroin...

In January he admitted supplying heroin to a friend who later died of an overdose.
Yep, he was just helping a mate out by giving him some smack. Junkies are always helping each other out like that. That's why they call H the 'neighbourly' drug. It's just a pity his mate later died - possibly from a llama attack....

Spare us! Wherever you sit on the drug war, right about now a smack dealer who sells hot loads is exactly the type of person who is supposed to be sent down. Instead, not only is he out and about, he doesn't even have to wear the tag which was the whole reason he got out early anyway.

(H/T to anonymous in the comments)

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