Thursday, May 08, 2008

100% of Neo-Prohibitionists 'Full of It'

Tempting though it would be to say that a third of British employees being hungover explains a lot, that sounds high. Except - of course - it turns out that what our prohibitionists friends really mean is that a third of British employees have been hungover at least once in their entire career. PAAAAAARTY!

Not only that, but having a hangover can impair performance. Yep - that would be kind of implicit in the whole 'hangover' thing. If you don't have any symptoms, how are you hungover ?

Still, it occurs to me that these guys have only found the tip of the iceberg. Not only do hangover affect efficiency, so do illness, fatigue and, most of all, the soul flaying misery of working in a corporate culture dominated by miserable, finger-wagging puritans obsessed with screwing the last 0.000002% out of the galley slaves as the natural consequence of their inability to make any more positive contribution to the bottom line.

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