Monday, May 05, 2008

Oops - They Did It Again!

Just in case anyone thinks a Tory government would make any real difference, consider that Cameroonie Tim Loughton thinks we're all being too hard on these people.

Hmmmm.... I guess even High Court judges don't understand what social workers 'actually do'.

Whatever you think the rights of chav sperm donors should be - and it's worth remembering that if things had gone differently, he might have ended up on the hook for child support for eighteen years - note that we're not talking about social workers making any kind of judgement call here. There aren't arguments on both sides. They just plain decided to stick two fingers up to the law. Again.

It is possible that social workers are, in fact, paragons of virtue, albeit with a weird psychological compulsion to break them law at regular intervals, but it's kind of unlikely. Or, to put it another way, if PC Plod kept getting caught like this, the MSM would be running ten page specials, complete with 'culture of corruption' graphics. As it is, the rest of us are left with one simple question for apologists like Loughton: why shouldn't we hate them ?


Just to ram home how critical the judges were, here it is:
Senior judges have attacked the "disgraceful" conduct of East Sussex social services over the adoption of a child against the wishes of her father...

Lord Justice Thorpe said East Sussex County Council "was out to gain its ends by means more foul than fair" by rushing through the adoption case.

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