Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hollyweird: Still Desperately Seeking Relevance

Sometimes just one line can sum up a whole project:
To underscore the heinousness of this crime, Morris (who’s famous for his dramatic reenactments), stages an ominously lit slo-mo shot of a Nerf football bouncing off a prison floor set to score (by Danny Elfman) usually saved for the last reel of a Halloween flick.
I not sure whether or not Nerf ball bombardment rises to the level of torture, but satire sure is taking a pounding.

Still, it will doubtless be a big hit amongst the usual suspects. All of which raises the question: are the folks convinced that the actions of a half-dozen chavscum are proof positive of the degeneracy of AmeriKKKa any relation to the ones jabbering about the 'vast majority of peace-loving Muslims' ?

I say there's more encouragement of violent sadism in the Koran than in all the US Army field manuals that have ever existed.

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