Monday, May 12, 2008

Officers In Pursuit Of No One In Particular

Down in the comments, Lurker points out the distinctly anorexic description issued by PC Plod following the killing of Jimmy Mizen. Not 'arf - apparently the suspect is a 'male youth'.

Well, that ought to narrow it down.

In its own way this case marks a new low even for the Met. This is why the culture war matters. A police force service prepared to risk a dangerous lunatic running free rather than break the dictates of PC at least serves as an accurate barometer of where we are after forty years of liberalism.

I'll take a shot in the dark, and tell you this case'll get a lot worse. In so far as the suspect is almost certainly one of the brudders (75% probability), I'll state here and now that the guy who killed a random white boy in an unprovoked attack not only won't be charged with racially-aggravated violence, but he'll get off even the basic murder rap with a claim of diminished responsibility (you know, sort of like this guy )

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