Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dhimmis D'Jour: Dhimmis Gone Dental Edition

I want to say something sarcastic about this, but parody has had its head sliced clean off.

That's a free clue right there: yes, if an ideology dictates the correct way to maintain dental health, it might conceivably be considered a little totalitarian. This used to be the sort of thing the left opposed, but now liberals think maniacs who claim God gives them tips on dental hygiene are cute, and so we have the British state abasing itself before thuggish theocrats community leaders (say, do you think the government's constant grovelling to these scumbags encourages or discourages 'moderate Muslims' in their fiefdoms to break ranks) ?

Hey, it could be worse. If only this guy had thought to convert to Islam, liberals would have hung on his every word.

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