Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Left Is Eating Itself (Part I)

FR brings news of further fraticide amongst the race hustling classes:
"The management was made up of black Africans and they discriminated against me because I was the only black Caribbean," he told the panel sitting in Reading, Berks.
I'm with FR in having approximately zero sympathy for the folks being sued, but I don't have any for the claimant either. The guy was discriminated against because of his racial background ? Is he sure it wasn't just affirmative action ?

As a race hustler himself, this dude was down with discrimination when it was aimed at the natives, so it's way too late for him to come down with an attack of scruples now. Still, you have to enjoy this statement from the respondants:
Mr Tolani, also a trained solicitor, has vehemently denied the allegations. He described Mr Victory as a "gold digger" who was using "spurious and frivolous" accusations to get more money.
Yep, there's a lot of that going round....

Check this out though:
Mr Victory, who was employed as a race equality officer on a one year contract funded by the charity Comic Relief which ended in December last year, said one of his bosses, Nigerian-born Patrick Tolani, screamed and shouted at him as he hammered on a door at the offices in central Oxford.
Helloooooo ? Red noses for race hustlers ? Since when did racial arson count as charity work ?

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