Thursday, May 29, 2008

Three Great Reviews

They throw themselves on grenades so you don't have to:

The SAU reviews a book of Gordon Broon speeches (really!). Sample quote: 'Close your eyes and picture an overall-clad Gordon Brown driving a forklift truck into your hallway and removing your assets. Now there's no need for you to read this book'.

Hot Air does the remake of the Andromeda Strain. Sample quote: 'Maybe we could send a message back that said, “HEY! WE’LL STOP VENT MINING WHEN YOU QUIT PLAYING WITH KILLER ORGANISMS! LOVE, GRANDMA AND GRANDPA”'.

FInally, AICN reviews the SATC Movie in their own, inimitable - and filthy - style. Sample Quote: 'Imagine, if you will, a Rob Schneider movie, a Ben Stiller movie and an Adam Sandler movie teaming up and slipping Rohypnol to the BRATZ movie, pulling a train on her sorry, barely legal ass, then leaving the unfortunate spawn of that unholy union in the LA sun for 40 years until it rotted and leathered to the point that it was attractive only to gay men and other women. That’s the Sex and the City movie.'

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