Thursday, May 15, 2008

Victoria Climbie Redux

It's getting to the point where every time I hear someone on the radio mention the phrase 'lessons have been learned', I wonder who the social workers have killed now.

Apparently, even some social workers feel the same. A new breed of reformers are driving through real change to prevent that happening again - yes, they've invented a whole new excuse.

It's a good one though. How were they supposed to know this charmer was dangerous ?
An Old Bailey judge today criticised social workers after a mother stabbed her young daughter to death days after a police doctor raised questions over her mental health...

One psychiatric report later suggested her use of cannabis may have triggered her "episode of mental illness".

Five days before the stabbing Ntsimbi had been arrested for harassing a mini-market shopkeeper.

A police doctor examined her and concluded she was suffering from a "fixed delusional disorder" and needed further attention.
Yep, a mentally ill, druggie criminal murdered her daughter. Who'd have thunk it ?

Of course this is the point where these freaks usually shout 'A-ha! You just got through condemning us for acting too quickly, now you're condemning us for acting too slowly. We just can't win'.

Well, libs, yes you can. Here's how: stop using junk science to manufacture bogus abuse cases, and use the resources freed up to deal with real abuse.

Of course, that all depends on how you define 'abuse'. Look at the cases where social services have turned a blind eye. There was Victoria Climbe herself, then Tori-Ann Byfield, now Trycia Balhous....

You know, it's almost as if there's some kind of pattern here.

If you ever doubted that the race hustlers are naught but a subsidiary of the left, consider their somnolent reaction to the parade of dead, black girls. Native families get the full range of junk science deployed to try and prove abuse, but when the victim is black, well, who are we to say that 'murdering' children is 'wrong' ?

That's what's really wrong with social workers: they're driven entirely by ideology. From that all else follows. Femiloons and other associated idiots have argued for years that the traditional family is practically a gulag, so naturally social workers will go to any lengths to find evidence of the abuse that they know must be happening. On the other hand, these people will bend over backwards not to impose eurocentric concepts, such as 'murder', on the vibrant community. Doubtless, some will say leaving black girls to be brutally murdered is a 'bad' thing, but it's the price you pay for fighting racism, right ?

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