Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yep, I Think We All Saw This One Coming

Don't be shocked, but the new BBC drama about Lady Thatcher includes a stupid smear. Specifically, it casts the young Lady Thatcher as a slut trying to sleep her way to the top, featuring a scene in.....


Sorry, dropped off there. Doubtless, the Jules and Rozes at the BBC think this constitutes radical program making. It isn't - it's just pathetic.

Yep, Lady Thatcher might have beaten the left senseless all through the 1980s but they'll get their revenge now, by making a nasty program about her. That'll teach her. Apart from anything else, a woman trying to seduce Ted Heath ? Was she on the rebound from Liberace ?

I guess the BBC prefers to lavish praise on women who've succeeded on their own merits.

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