Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shocka! EUnuchs And Thugs Opposed To Air Power

EUtopias experiment with post-modern warfare continues. All of which means the left's latest talking point doesn't quite have the impact they might be expecting. It's like Sir Elton coming out of the closet.

Ditto, with the rest of these nations. Are we really supposed to be impressed with the news that Fourth World hell holes are trying to hobble western air power ? They're opposed to the use of ballot boxes too. When exactly did we start letting North Korea dictate allied strategy ?
But Simon Conway, a former soldier and the Director of Landmine Action, said: "Every time these weapons are used, they have killed large numbers of civilians."

The M85 killed 300 civilians when used in the Lebanon by Israel in 2006, while M73s launched by US helicopters were used in the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
Yep, they're using evidence from the Lebanon war. What could go wrong ?
Mr Conway said: "The Government needs to take a much harder line on these issues. We need to prevent these weapons from proliferating. We need to stop the arms race developing and the way to do that is if we come up with a strong treaty that stigmatises these weapons."
That'll do it! If only we'd manage to stigmatise sawing heads off, suicide bombing and flying aircraft into buildings.

But no: it turns out that the folks in Beijing somehow manage to go on, even in the face of whiny criticism from Eurotrash liberals. Indeed, this campaign is something of a smart bomb itself, perfectly targeted to hinder western powers, even as they leave the Republic of Insania's war-fighting capabilities intact. Or, to put it another way, the left's position is objectively pro-totalitarian. Again.

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