Thursday, May 01, 2008

It's Like Hillary Vs Obama, But With Explosives

The one crumb of comfort from the success of the left's population replacement strategy is that once those pesky white man are driven out, it becomes obvious that the left's Coalition of the Whining lacks any identifiable ideological spine, save for an unhinged sense of victimhood and entitlement.

Look at recent events in Nottingham:
The chief executive of a race equality group has made a formal claim for racial and sexual discrimination.

Aneela Asim, who is in charge of the Nottinghamshire Black Partnership, said she had been undermined by Pakistani members on the group's board...

Although I've come into a leadership role with qualifications and experience, they feel they can talk to me the way they might talk to a woman at home because the Asian community have never seen women in a leadership role
Personally, I'd have more sympathy for her, if only she'd drop the slippery euphemisms like 'Pakistani' and 'Asian'. In fact, she's goes even further the other way:
Ms Asim, herself a British Pakistani, said if she had been a man, or a white woman in the same senior position, she would have been treated differently.
Yep, they're all about respecting the Infidel, these people.

It gets better. Turns out they're not down with the brudders in the hood, neither:
In a council report reviewing the group, leaked to BBC East Midlands, the organisation has been criticised for "damaging community relations".

It found that while staff have delivered their work professionally - which includes resourcing for health and crime prevention - the organisation's board has been divided, predominantly between Asian members on one side and African-Caribbean members on the other.
Hmmmm.... looks like at least some of the homies be answering the clue phone.

Still, consider the piquant irony of a group of race hustlers being criticised for damaging community relations. Back when they occupied themselves composing paranoid screeds about the evils of the natives, or the patriarchy, or - best of all - patriarchal British culture, libs were down with all that. It's only now, when the self-same rhetoric is being deployed against fellow members of the CotW, that liberals find themselves shocked - shocked! - to find that these people are racial arsonists.

(and a tip of the popcorn holder to JulieM)

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