Monday, May 05, 2008

We Lost

Typical - you can't trust the left to do anything right. As Melanie Philips makes clear, this was a Labour defeat far more than a Tory victory. Still, whatever the cause, it looks like we're doomed to live in a Davocracy. Is there any hope ?

Well, there are a couple of thing. First up, while the local election results tend to reflect national trends, it's worth noting that the actual elections were fought by exactly the type of grass roots members the Cameroonatics despise. Ditto, as Ross reminds us, if Cameron had had his way, there would have been no Boris Johnson candidacy in the first place.

Come to think of it, the London Mayoral result is hardly an unequivocal endorsement for Cameroonacy. Here was a middle-aged white dude who never saw a PC landmine he couldn't step on. If Johnson had been almost anyone else, he'd have been sent to the gulag by the Cameroonies long ago.

Even the one thing Cameron should be able to take from it all, the sight of the public electing a fellow toff, isn't as clear cut as it should be. Johnson is certainly upper-class, but his public image is the polar opposite of Cameron's. Johnson has almost single-handedly waged a campaign to bring the word 'buffoon' back into common use. Yes, it's all an act, but it's a lot more attractive than the Cameroonatics continuous attempts to convince us that The Dave is the Smartest Man Evah!.

Johnson wears his learning lightly, even when he is actually talking about academic subjects, while Cameron uses his supposed genius like a battering ram. We're supposed to be so impressed by Cameron's background that we don't notice that his education apparently passed straight through without hitting any vital organs. Gaffes or no gaffes, Johnson's approach is preferable to a tightly-wound elitist who refuses to shake hands with his supporters or even talk to his own candidates. The end result is that Johnson comes across as likeable, while Cameron comes across as Norman Bates at the end of 'Psycho'.

But this is all cry-baby stuff. We are screwed. It's 1995 all over again. Cameron could eat a live cat on national TV, and the MSM would pay tribute to his bold attempt to reach out to the rodent community - admittedly, a key recruiting pool for the MSM.

All we can do is put down stakes in the ground - after all, we didn't have the Blogosphere last time round. Now, we can keep careful track of all the Cameron-coddlers out there in the MSM, 'cause sure as eggs is eggs, in no time at all they'll be busily claiming 'wisnae me'.

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