Thursday, May 15, 2008

Liberals Get Slapped Again

Don't be shocked, but another group of liberal thugs has just caved when faced with actual resistance:
A couple rejected as foster parents because they refused to condone homosexuality have won a major victory...

The couple had provided weekend respite care for troubled children from 1996 to 2000, when their catering business began to take up too much of their time.

They re-applied this year to resume their care work expecting that the nationwide shortage of around 8,000 foster parents would help support their case with Derby City Council.

They fell foul, however, of anti-discrimination legislation. The Equality Act (Sexual Orientation), which came into force last April, makes it illegal for any business or organisation providing a public service to discriminate on grounds of an individual's sexuality.
And if you think that's despicable, wait until you hear the next bit:
Mrs Johns, from Oakwood in Derby, said: "They were asking us: 'What would you do if a ten-year-old child came home and said they had been picked on because they were homosexual?'".
Disappointingly, these folks were too nice to give the obvious response, namely 'what kind of degenerate pervert thinks about the sexuality of ten year olds' ?

Note this next bit though:
Their fostering application was halted until lawyers from the Christian Legal Centre began preparing a bid for a judicial review of the refusal. On Saturday they received a letter from the council saying they could reapply.
Yep, another grass roots effort. But, of course. After all, the Nu Tories have already surrendered in the culture war. Well, who needs them anyway ?

Actually, that is the question. Who does need the Tories ? The Cameroonatics believe they can throw the right under the bus, since we've got nowhere else to go, and besides, they're the only hope of ridding ourselves of Nu Lab. But do we care ?

If the Tories can't see what's wrong with requiring Christians not only to disavow their religious beliefs, but to actively propagandise against those beliefs, why does it make the slightest difference whether or not they win? Meanwhile, as this case shows, for the right, the action's anywhere but Westminister. Before this case, Christian's were discriminated against, now they're not. That's a win, a successful pushback against the left.

The British right can continue to delude itself that replacing one set of Metropolitan elitists with another bunch will bring forth a new age of conservatism, but winning the culture war means supporting those groups that are actually fighting it.

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