Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Fun With The Talibin

The council wants to increase fixed penalties from £50 to £110 for those who put bins out early, fail to recycle, overfill wheelie bins or put the wrong rubbish in the wrong containers.

They are asking each household to nominate one person as responsible so it will be easier for them to prosecute without having to prove who put out the offending bins.

The council is also considering interviewing suspected bin offenders under caution in procedures similar to the way police question criminals.

The draft letter, which has been seen by opposition councilors, also asks how many people live at each address, whether they have any medical conditions and if their families use disposable nappies.
So, nothing objectionable there then. Just consider what it says about modern Britain that someone can use the phrase 'suspected bin offenders' outside the field of comedy.

Apparently, householders aren't part of the solution, not part of the problem. Ditto, don't expect the civil libertards to rouse themselves. The only way Liberty and the rest of the freaks would ever take an interest is if terrorists are hiding in the bin. Until then, Mi Bin, Su Bin.

And now the punch-line:
Officials from the Conservative-run council hope the information sent back by families will make it easier to prosecute or impose fixed penalties.
Yep, it's Dave's Happy, Fun Party that's doing all this.

Tories: this is why we question your party's bona fides.

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