Thursday, May 01, 2008

Today's 'Creeping Sharia' Story

No-go areas ? What no-go areas ?
A COUNCILLOR today called for more control over advertising posters in "culturally sensitive" areas of Birmingham...

Coun Talib Hussain made his plea after a billboard on the corner of Sydenham Road and Golden Hillock Road, in predominantly Muslim Sparkbrook, was defaced...

Coun Talib Hussain (Ind, Sparkbrook) criticised the vandalism but said it was a result of the lack of action from city council bosses. He said: "I condemn the people that did this but at the same time it's wrong for companies to put that kind of advert in sensitive wards.
Same ol' same ol'. Mr Moderate in no way supports those naughty old extremists, but thinks we should surrender to them anyway. See ? It makes perfect sense.

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