Sunday, May 11, 2008

Robin Hoods on Crack

See, I told you: it's only been four days since Jacqui Smith asked the police to target thugs, and already the usual suspects are turning the hysteria up to 11.

How come liberals become born again fiscal conservatives every time the topic is national defence or law enforcement ? It's not like we have to hire in the cops specially. We already have the odd one or two or 125 000 round here somewhere.

Still, consider the chutzpah. The country is plagued with yoof workers, social workers, probation officers, therapists and all the rest of the folks making a life and a living on the Therapy Nation gravy train. How come this is never subjected to 'any kind of analysis' ? The closest we ever get is freaks like dear old Ally assuring us that the best way to fight crime is to keep shovelling the taxpayers cash at him and the rest of the unemployables (although, on the plus side, if PC Plod does need some more cash, I think we've found a whole bunch going spare).

Of course, it's all a sham. Ditto, the liberal claim that they do oppose crime too, it's just they think the best way to fight it is do the exact opposite of what any sane person would advocate.

Libs don't oppose targeting criminals because they think it won't affect the thugs, they oppose it becuase they know it will. Let's hear it from the leech's mouth:
Anyone who has talked to or worked with persistent young offenders will describe some recurring common attitudes. Anger at the world is normal, as is a sense of persecution and injustice. There is a nihilistic indifference to their own fate and a belief that, whatever they do, life will inevitably kick them in the teeth - all of which combines to make self-destructive, antisocial behaviour and criminality a no-brainer.
Yes, we can't do anything about violent thugs, otherwise they'll.... do what exactly ? Indulge in violent thuggery ? Still, it does raise one interesting question: everyone he meets is like this ? Is there some kind of common factor here ? Maybe the destructive insanity may somehow be related to the entourage of social workers following them around, drip-feeding them victimhood and flattering them as rebels or avatars of working class authenticity.

All of which brings us to the real reason the usual suspects are panicked about Operation Leopard and the like. Liberals tell us that crime is caused by society/poverty/climate change....blah, blah, blah, but hang on a mo' - we're talking about a single estate here. If it was really the environment wot done it, you shouldn't be able to choke off crime just by targeting a minibuses worth of people. Operation Leopard proves that even on a notorious sink estate only a tiny minority of the population account for virtually all the crime.

Apparently, the thugs are neither victims nor authentic representatives of anything much. They commit crime because they want to, making life hellish for everyone around them, and liberals get paid to enable them. It's a good gig - if you're completely amoral - but now with the success of Operation Leopard, they've all been busted.

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