Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The BBC: Dhimmi 4 Ever

For evidence of just how long the BBC has been in the tank for the multi-cult, consider this letter sent to Mark Steyn:
Being unable to sleep after reading your book, I remembered that when I was a "Boy Producer" with the BBC in the 1980s and spent a year or so in BBC Birmingham, I was first introduced to LDS: "Liberal Denial Syndrome".

A small unit had been set up in the BBC to investigate the large number of Muslim women who had died in "accidental" kitchen fires. The suspicion was that their husbands, tiring of their spouses, had murdered them and torched their bodies. The grieving widowers would then scoot off to Pakistan and Bangla Desh and get themselves a fresh woman - but more importantly - a large dowry as well. Suddenly the unit was shut down and the project canceled. No one could explain it - but the rumor suggested that they had struck paydirt - too "sensitive" to expose. It's no accident that Pebble Mill (the BBC's old Birmingham HQ) was also the home of the "Asian Unit".

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