Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shelter: Helping Perverts Kill Since 1966

Lest anyone still be under the illusion that alleged homelessness charity 'Shelter' is anything other than a left-wing front group, consider their role in helping convicted rapist Michael Clark stalk and kill a young girl.
Officials had tried to turn down the registered sex offender's request to move 40 miles away to Leeds, but they were forced to back down after representations from the homeless charity Shelter.

The organisation warned the council it was breaking the law by not letting 40-year-old Clark, as a "homeless" person, jump to the top of the housing queue.
No room for misquote there. Shelter - a 'homelessness charidee' remember - pitched in to help a guy who already had a house, but just wanted to move somewhere else. Not only that, but they even helped him get priority status for his free house. Say, do they do that for everyone, or is it just a special service for sexual predators ?

That's the key point here. Not only were Shelter aware that they were pitching in to help a violent pervert, they actually knew his objective was to move to somewhere where he could pass as Joe Citizen. Next thing you know, he's using his new found respectability to stalk and kill a young girl. Who'd have thunk it ?

If a private company had behaved like this, liberals would be demanding the execution of the board, but we're talking about our classy liberal friends, so they offer this instead:
Shelter last night blamed the council for allowing the Zommers to live near Clark...

"Questions need to be asked as to why this young girl and her family were housed next to a known sex offender."
Yep, liberals use legal chicanery to allow predators to set themselves up in a fresh hunting ground, and it's everyone else's fault for allowing prey into the area.

As ever, a vote of thanks too to you-know-who. A group of moral cripples have enabled a sadistic savage to kill an innocent young girl, but no one's answering the phones at Femiloon Central. I guess this whole 'zero tolerance' deal works purely in the abstract.

(H/T to an equally appalled DV at ATW)

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