Monday, May 19, 2008

The Nu Tories: The Party For Your Right To Fight

As I believe I may have said once or twice before, the thing with the Nu Tories is that they're not just consistently appalling, they're always appalling in new and innovative ways. Take these comments on the Manchester riot as the latest example:
Scottish Conservative deputy leader Murdo Fraser initially said the decision to deploy riot police was an "over-reaction" which may have inflamed the situation.
Let's check the timeline here: police notice the situation is going sideways fast, deploy riot police and a riot breaks out. Coincidence ? I think not!

Seriously, these people are insane. You just know that if the police hadn't deployed the riot squad, the usual suspects would be berating them for being unprepared.

But it gets better:
But [Fraser] was later forced to temper his comments after viewing the CCTV footage.
Yep, he hadn't - in the strict sense of the word - seen what actually happened, but he thought he'd go pig hunting anyway, based on general principles. Clearly, he has a golden future ahead of him in the Dave Party!

(H/T to the commentators at Coppers Blog)

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