Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Wrong Victims

The Left is starting to get ever so angry. Why are we being so nasty about St Jean the Martyr ? Have we no heart ?

Actually, I think most of us were initially sympathetic, but we lost that sympathy sometime around the 7000th of his relatives denouncing Britain and all its works from his flat in Reading. Of course, to the Left, the only true measure of sympathy for St Jean is buying into their whole agenda of security force castrating measures.

For proof of the basic cynicism of their exhumation of St Jean's rotting corpse, look no further than their attitude to the victims of July 7, or as they would call them 'who ?' Apparently, no Police measure involving firearms, the war on terror or Brazil can pass without the MSM informing us what St Jean's third cousin, twice removed thinks about it, but when Princess Tony flicks a V at the victims of July 7 ? Page 32, bottom of column 4. But don't let that lead you to question the sincerity of the Left's rending of garments for St Jean.....

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