Monday, November 14, 2005

La Ligne Maginot Les Vies

The Government has a cunning plan to defeat terror. X-rays and body scanners all round.

Except not actually everywhere. Even they admit they can't have full security, so they'll only be in some railway stations (i.e. if you're outside the M25, disregard whole statement). I suppose we're just lucky the Islamopaths have never thought to attack buses. Or bars, office buildings and hotels. The only thing worse than governmental meglomania is government implemeting a strategy which demands such measures, then refusing to fund them. We're supposed to be reassured by the possibility that we may be using one of the 0.2% of stations which have this technology, and stop asking why the government shies away from using a strategy with a proven record of stoppping attacks (and it doesn't need us to irradiate eveyone passing through King's Cross).

How effective could this strategy be ? Pretty effective, after all the enemy within have proactively come out against it:

"Public safety can be enhanced by passenger screening but police must not heighten tensions by targeting young men from ethnic minorities," Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti said.

Yes, we're allowed to screen, but only if we don't use criteria of any use whatsoever. Call it a crazy hunch, but I'm pretty sure that the next attack won't be delivered by Buddhist monks, Rabbis or Druids. Ditto, I'm pretty sure that should one of these 'young men from ethnic minorities' be found beaten to death, then Shameless Shami will be first in line to call for the Police to ignore skinhead BNP members in favour of giving the third degree to 80 year old Jamican grandmothers.

Ah yes - that's the thing. When there's a racial attack people suspect Nazis becuase they know that their beliefs make them particularly likely to coimmit such crimes. That's why the Left won't let people profile Islamopaths, because that would lead to people asking what exactly it is about Islam that leads people to self-detonate, and that would never do. Meanwhile, we're supposedly developing computer programs that'll detect people who use too much sugar in their tea, wear blue coats or....just about anything rather than face facts that the biggest predictor of terrorism is adherence to the teachings of the Paedo Prophet.

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