Monday, November 28, 2005

That Nagging Feeling

Evil & cynical that I am, I couldn’t rid myself of a nagging feeling when I saw the initial reaction to the murder of a police officer in Bradford. It was certainly a terrible crime, but was it really a ‘shock’ ? Surely that word should be reserved for incidents that don’t happen with depressing regularity ? Consider, for example, the slaying of Nottingham jeweller Marion Bates.

Is there anyone in Britain who hasn’t noticed that gun crime is going through the roof ? Yet, as a corporate body – if hardly on the individual level - the Police have been prepared to join the Left in a few choruses of ‘Everything’s Coming Up Roses’. Now it’s a police officer rather than just a prole who’s been shot, suddenly these people are shouting ‘hey look, there’s an heavily-armed elephant on that table!’

That feeling has just got stronger and stronger as the week has worn on, culminating in the Police’s version of The Dance Of The Seven Veils over the identity of the suspects. I don’t think we need Sherlock Holmes to work out why. It’s all very well for police management to take out onions when discussing this case, but how seriously can you take them when it turns out they’re compromising an investigation to bury inconvenient facts ?

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