Monday, November 07, 2005

Liberal Calls Crusade

Hey, I guess there are some religious groups you can abuse after all. A bishop has just given a speech claiming that another religions' policies are 'an act of violence that needs to be confronted'. Not much room for misquote there. Needless to say, this call for Holy War wasn't provoked by you-know-who flying airliners into buildings, blowing up trains or rampaging across Paris. Nope, this is 'Bishop' Gene Robinson, head honcho of the Gay Godsquad, talking about the Catholic Church's insistance on priests following Catholic teachings.

Actually, I have to admit it - the first thing I thought when I heard he'd used the word 'vile' was this: 'well, at least someone's still reading Andrew Sullivan'. I mean, what is it with the v-word ? Is it some kind of inside joke ?

Anyway, to the point: where did all the tolerance go ? So much for all this 'we just wanna be free' stuff. Robinson has hardly worn through his first set of robes before he's laying claim to the next bit of cultural lebensraum

Can you seriously imagine the Liberal reaction if it was the other way round ? If B16 had called homosexuality vile, and declared homosexuals need to be confronted ? It'd be 1605 all over again. But no - that's not what Catholics are saying. All they are claiming is the right to decide who can join their organisation. Or, to put it another way, in the name of tolerance, gay rights activists are calling for cultural jihad against an organisation that promotes a lifestyle they disapprove of. So, remind me again who the bigots are ?

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