Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Well, It's Different

Liberals are obsessed with the idea of paying public money to people to talk to young children in a way that would be an arrestable offence if they weren't government employees. Hence this latest offensive in the Culture War.

Laban Tall points out an... interesting defence of all this from a predictable source. If I'm getting this right, Hari admits there's gay culture has gone off the deep end, so he claims this means we should allow proponents of this culture to proselytise their lifestyle in schools so that kids can be informed of how to minimise the risks if they're drawn into this culture. Huh ?

It occurs to me that Hari has inadvertently given the game away here. Leftists always try to claim the whole Gay Rights ball of wax is some unobjectionable attempt to reduce all those lynchings of air stewards that are such a feature of British life. But Hari's just let the cat out of the bag: what's being promoted isn't some wooly, value-neutral 'why can't we all be friends' philosophy. It takes a very specific worldview to argue that homosexuals don't use condoms because of Lady Thatcher.

That's the bottom line (pun intended): it's the old orientation vs behaviour thing again. Hari would doubtless claim that homosexuals are born not made. Well, OK, just for the sake of argument let's say there is a gay gene - is there a gene for having rampant unprotected sex ? Surely not. It's a lifestyle choice, and a pretty stupid one at that.

Maybe it isn't Lady Thatcher after all. Maybe it's the combination of endless yapping about homophobia and the horrors of traditional morality that has allowed gay culture to slip into a nihlistic death spiral. Whatever, but parents who object to Captain Bareback being paid to tell their kids about the wonders of his lifestyle aren't prejudiced - they're sane.

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