Sunday, November 20, 2005

Liberals Sink Own Boat

Further proof for the hypothesis that there is no one the Left will not defend if it'll harm Britain. Yep, they're going all misty-eyed over badly treated Nazi war criminals. Scott points out that to believe this story - and the Guardian appears to - means conceding that torture must be effective after all. There go half the Left's talking points. Equally, wasn't WWII the Left's inspiration for all their little homilies about how we could win wars without losing our humanity ? Now it turns out that our traditional British values of bending over and taking it like a man are nothing of the sort. Contary to the Liberal narrative, allied captors did not carefully don gloves before handling copies of 'Mein Kampf'. Our ancestors were quite capable of judging when the rules should apply and when not, yet somehow our humanity remained intact after all.

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