Sunday, November 13, 2005

Flooding The Swamp

The dangerously subversive one suggests that the War on Terrorism could take a tip from the Nationwide. I can’t see anyone who reads here regularly disagreeing. Actually, I think most real Conservatives (which excludes the entire Parliamentary Party) would say that a terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist. All qualify under Rule 9 – as in 9 mm. But I think it goes a little deeper than that.

Liberals keep yammering about how the West ‘abandoned’ Afghanistan or supported thug regimes across the Middle East. They have a point – just not the one they think they’re making. The Left claims all this is the root cause of terrorism, as though Mo the Paedo’s many massacres were a quirky eccentricity. Hardly, but it is true that under the baleful influence of the stability fetishists the West was prepared to watch as the Islamic world sank into a cesspit. The excesses of the Al-Saud family, or the collapse into anarchy of Afghanistan didn’t cause terrorism, but it did make life a lot easier for the terrorists.

The alleged ‘realists’ have been banished from Middle East policy, but they seem to have an iron grip on Ulster. Just as in the Middle East, we’re told it’s unrealistic to expect a functioning democracy in Ulster. Ditto, we’re supposed to pretend that the Banana Republic is a partner in peace, rather than the IRA’s main sponsor. We have to reach deals with these thugs and let them turn their own country into a sewer, lest they export their sadistic lunacy to the civilised world.

Hey – didn’t handing over Afghanistan to the warlords cause enough trouble ? But no, the Left are the epitome of the phrase ‘they forgot nothing, and learned nothing’. Obviously, there are differences. The IRA claim to be motivated by a perverted form of Catholicism, rather than the Religion of Peace, which on first sight would appear to limit their options in terms of fellow scum. But history proves the IRA is remarkable – ahem! – catholic in their choice of allies. Ask a Columbian. The argument that we can draw a useful distinction between bad terrorists and good terrorists is absurd.

Right about now, Northern Ireland is a place where you can do little things like commit murder or rob banks with no risk of arrest - providing you have the protection of the local warlord, obviously, it’s not like they want anarchy to break out. Letting a formerly civilised nation degenerate into the Somalia of the North is supposed to be the price of peace and stability, yet the whole strategy of the War on Terror is predicated on the idea that absent little things like democracy, justice and individual rights, a country can’t hardly become anything other than a incubator of terrorism.

Looking at the trends in these two places, who’s not to say that there’s more chance of peaceful democracy in Iraq twenty years from now than there is in Ulster.

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