Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Because They've Had So Much Success With Their Other Iniatives

See, this is what I was on about in that last post. Who in their right mind can think this sort of thing makes sense ? What's it all about ? Are Liberal teachers too intimidated by the intellectual firepower of the average five year old to carry out a proper indoctrination ? Really, just look at these plans:

They highlight four "aspects" of early learning: that children should be strong, in the sense of self-assured; healthy; skilful communicators who listen and respond; and "competent learners" - imaginative and creative.

That let's out half the Parliamentary Labour Party. Come to think of it, the plan itself doesn't pass: 'self-assured' ? Doesn't mesh well with the apparent underlying belief that people will only follow their ideas when constantly monitored by a monolithic bureaucratic structure. 'Healthy' ? Belief in endemic, yet unevidenced, misconduct is clearly suggestive of paranoia. 'Skilful communicators who listen and respond' ? Apparent determination to impose top-down micromanagement even in teeth of evidence of utter failure of previous attempts. 'competent learners" - imaginative and creative' ? Complete inability to concieve that any beneficial social change can come about other than through the central planning and bureaucracy.

Clearly, this plan is hideously malformed. I recommend an immediate termination.

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