Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Well, At Least There's Some Order To It

Via Mr Shiny New Comments, we find the rules of PC. Just in time too, otherwise we'd be left wondering why after all that yapping about Islamophobia, the BBC has ignored an actual, proven case of a guy being forced out of his job because of his religion.

I guess the rules must also explain the BBC's sudden backflip with racially-motivated violence. Back all those seven days ago, the BBC were insisting that every fact be carefully confirmed by a team of top scientists, theologians and VC winners. Now we're talking about the Anthony Walker case and it seems there's almost nothing the BBC won't publish. Take this 'ere piece by David Green. Consider the sheer chutzpah of the title: " Murder 'proves racism exists'". Yes, indeed, David and what's more, some of us were saying that last week. Given the content of the article, I think a more accurate title would be 'Race Hustlers Speak Out'. Still, we need to consider the dangers of racism, dangers like allowing bigots to take an isolated incident and try to weave it into some kind of broadcast condemnation of a whole ethnic group. We're just lucky the BBC is on the alert for that kind of thing sneaking in.

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