Thursday, November 17, 2005

BBC Reports: Conservatives Shocked By Gang Rape

Just something to consider next time you hear the MSM talking about all those extremists on the Internet. A vote of thanks too for our friends in the femiloon community. I guess celebrating gang rape is a mere cultural quirk compared to real horrors such as a gentleman who prefers blondes.

At least now we're seeing the true nature of the BBC. There is literally no one these people will not carry water for if it'll serve the Left's agenda. That's the common thread that's run through all the BBC - in fact, all the MSM - coverage of these riots. Look at this report for one:

One of France's leading TV news executives has admitted censoring his coverage of the riots in the country for fear of encouraging support for far-right politicians.

Anyone think there's any more significant difference between the Franch media and the British one than the fact ours are better liars ? Even then, they can't help but let the insanity leak out every time they open their mouth. Here one of our jounalistic betters talking about the French censorship at an industry conference:

Deborah Turness, editor of ITV news, seemed to hit home by asking the LCI editor about levels of diversity among the staff in his newsroom and whether he was "doing the government's work" by withholding coverage to discourage further violence from alienated minorities.

Free clue for the MSM: if you're trying to disavow charges of Liberal bias, try to sound less like student activists. Or, at least, try to make sense. Is censorship alright if you have a diverse newsroom ? Would censorship be OK if it wasn't helpful to the government ? What proof do these people have that the rioters are, in fact, an 'alienated minority', rather than Jihadis ? And what does it say about their committment to diversity that not one of them even thinks to ask these questions ?

But at least some folks in the industry are getting it:

Chris Cramer, managing director of CNN, pointed out: "We are not the gatekeepers anymore. If we don't report it someone else will"

Or, as a native English speaker may put it, 'we'd lie if we thought we could get away with it.' So much for jounalistic ethics.

The thing with the French riots is this: not only is it a perfect example of just how far the media will go to push the Liberal agenda, it's also a great example of just how weak these people actually are. After a fortnight of round-the-clock defamation, the MSM would have us believe that Nicolas Sarkozy's career is over. True, but only in the sense of 'not at all'.

Turns out that the man on the Caen omnibus doesn't take kindly to 'alienated youths' going on the rampage. Who'd have thunk it ? Yep - just about everybody who doesn't spend their time worrying that they might inadvertantly help defend civilisation against the Jihad. At least King Canute knew he couldn't really stop the tide coming in - the MSM finds itself asking themselves a version of the old hippy saying: what if you held a lynching and no one came ?

Sarkozy took on the whole of the MSM and now he's going to PM. Need I say there might be a lesson here for folks closer to home ?

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