Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Left Gets Tough (No Terrorists Involved)

Thinking of that last post reminds me that Liberals, as a rule, get ever so angry when their commitment to, say, fighting terrorism or protecting kids from paedophiles is called into question. Every time the question comes up Libs play the civilisation card, the one where they claim Conservatives are a bunch of vengeance-crazed savages while they are interested in the wider questions of justice. Thing is though, when it comes to topics Libs really do care about, suddenly all bets are off. The Briffa points out the latest effusion from the Toyntard. Yowser! Are these the people who were upset about paedophiles being hounded out of their homes ? Suddenly driving people to suicide and throwing young families out onto the street is fine by Pol. Also, men should be made to pay higher taxes than women because they’re more likely to commit crimes – but we’re supposed to pretend that it’s just a coincidence that all the July 7 bombers worshipped the moon god. Maybe that’s how we can get the Left on board with the WoT: ‘just think of all the men who got off paying child support by getting killed in bombings.’

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