Monday, November 28, 2005

Liberals Discover Huge Conspiracy By Adolf McChimpler (Part MMDCV)

There are plenty of advantages to life as a Conservative as opposed to a Liberal. Better personal hygiene for one. Still, every now and then I find myself envious of the sense of wonder every new day must bring when you can’t remember anything that happened more than two weeks ago. At least, I’m assuming Liberals have no memory. After all, it’s the best explanation for their latest excuse for manufactured hysteria.

We’re told that Chimpy McHitlerburton wanted to bomb Al-Quaida News. ‘Bomb’ presumably as opposed to anything more controversial such as pressuring governments to withdraw their reporter’s visas, jamming their transmissions, cyberattacks or paying some local naughty boys to give their transmitters a C4 upgrade.

So, OK, the charge is absurd from first principles, but look who’s making it – yep, the Daily Mirror. Hey – at least they don’t have a proven record of publishing fake material to try and undermine the Allied war effort. Oops.

Equally absurd though is the Left’s girly hysteria about the idea of bombing an enemy TV station. To listen to them, you’d think they’d never heard such talk before. We don’t need any sleazy tabloids to tell us what Slick Willy felt about armed TV criticism.

You almost have to remind yourself that there really have been a number of bombings in this war, in places like London, Madrid, Bali and the like. If Liberals had expressed half the outrage about them that they’re generating about this absurd non-story, we might almost take their moralising seriously.

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