Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Waiter Effect

Right For Scotland reminds us that that there is a breed of British tourist even worse than the Costa Del Chav set. Yep - it's those local government officer (Grade C) who go through passport control and start acting like a parody of Sir Elton: 'boy, fetch me another drink then move the Sun 20' to the left so I can get an even tan'. Really. It's like they're thinking 'I may have a rubbish job back home, but I can sure make these folks suffer'. Of course they behave like pigs when they're faced with the slightest upset.

There's a wider issue here. These people spend 50 weeks a year as just another wage slave, then suddenly they get the chance to go abroad and behave like spoilt brats. Plus, as RfS points out, they get a warped view of foreign lands anyway. Is it any wonder so many of these people fall for the multiculti garbage ? The idea of 'abroad' as just one big amusement park seems to be a uniquely British form of mental illness. This is the flip-side of Liberalism's constant denigration of Britain, and these people are the perfect standrad bearers for modern Liberalism: a bunch of whiny cry-babies shocked - shocked! - to find out that Third World countries often have bad weather and primitve infrastructre. And they call us 'Little Englanders' ?

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